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City Gospel Mission

What our client has to say

Need:          Testing the waters for financial support

Service:     Pre-campaign planning


Roger Howell, president of City Gospel Mission, has worked with Smith Beers Yunker & Company on more than one occasion and has recommended them to other nonprofits “multiple times.”


Commenting on the results of the latest engagement, Roger says, “My primary reason for hiring Smith Beers Yunker was that I knew they would give us an honest assessment of whether we could raise the money we needed to raise. I think it’s tempting sometimes for consultants to give the answers they think an organization wants to hear, maybe just to avoid conflict. However, I knew Smith Beers Yunker would tell us the truth and, in fact, they gave us some answers that weren’t even close to what we wanted to hear.”


Roger goes on to explain that his organization, which serves Cincinnati’s homeless, “learned a lot about how the community perceives us and what they think of urban ministries in general. We were able to use that information to shape some of our plans and move forward with confidence. The accurate information they gave us helped us make good decisions.”


The project for which Smith Beers Yunker was engaged was a pre-campaign planning process to help determine how the Cincinnati community might respond to a major capital campaign for the purpose of relocating City Gospel Mission, along with The Lord’s Gym and Jobs Plus Employment Network, from Over-The-Rhine to Queensgate.


Faced with some unexpected delays, Smith Beers Yunker was required to work at a slower-than-normal pace. “We weren’t the best customers in that regard,” says Roger, “but they were very patient with us and waited until we were ready to proceed. Then they worked effectively and efficiently on our behalf.”