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Institute of Fundraising

Institute of Fundraising


The Institute of Fundraising is the professional body that seeks to represent all fundraisers. Its purpose is to improve the highest standards of fundraising, and to support and develop the knowledge and standards of all those who undertake fundraising.


Members of the Institute champion and promote fundraising as a profession. They maintain the highest standards of fundraising, engage in the Institute’s work, commit to its mission and are at all times fully representative of the fundraising community.


All categories of membership of the Institute are required, as a condition of their membership, to conform to the following Code of Conduct in every aspect of their professional life.


It is the duty of all members to assist the Institute in implementing and enforcing the code, and they will be supported by the Institute for so doing. Violation of the Code may lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the Institute.

Professional Conduct


All members of the Institute of Fundraising undertake to:


  • conduct themselves at all times with complete integrity, honesty and trustfulness
  • respect the dignity of their profession and ensure that their actions enhance the reputation of themselves and the Institute
  • act according to the highest standards and visions of their organisation, profession and conscience
  • advocate within their organisations adherence to all applicable laws and regulations
  • avoid even the appearance of any criminal offence or professional misconduct
  • bring credit to the fundraising profession by their public demeanour


They shall:


  • not misuse their authority or office for personal gain
  • comply with the laws of the United Kingdom which relate to their professional activities, both in letter and spirit
  • advocate within their organisations compliance with the laws of the United Kingdom which relate to their professional activities, both in letter and spirit
  • not exploit any relationship with a donor, prospect, volunteer or employee for personal benefit
  • not knowingly, recklessly or maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of other members of this profession
  • at all times act honestly and in such a manner that donors are not misled
  • not knowingly or recklessly disseminate false or misleading information in the course of their professional duties, nor permit their subordinates to do so
  • not represent conflicting or competing interests without consent of the parties concerned after full disclosure of the facts
  • not knowingly act in a manner inconsistent with this Code, or knowingly cause or permit others to do so.

Professional Competence


All members of the Institute are expected to:


  • strive to attain and apply a high level of competence to the efficient conduct of the work entrusted to them
  • improve their professional knowledge and skills in order that their performance will better serve others
  • recognise their individual boundaries of competence and be forthcoming and truthful about their professional experience and qualifications
  • seek to ensure that all who work with them have appropriate levels of competence for the effective discharge of their duties
  • endeavour always to work in harmony with their colleagues and to encourage less experienced colleagues to attain and apply their own levels of acceptable professional competence.

Fundraising Competence


Full and Certificated members are required to show competence in:


  • establishing and communicating a case for support
  • planning, organising and monitoring the allocation of resources
  • research, analysis and strategy development
  • coping with change and problem solving
  • ability to work with colleagues, suppliers and others to achieve fundraising objectives.



Members shall:


  • not disclose (except as may be required by statute or law) or make use of information given or obtained in confidence
  • from their employers or clients, the donating public or any other source without prior express consent
  • adhere to the principle that all information created by, or on behalf of, an organisation is the property of an organisation and shall not be transferred or utilised except on behalf of that organisation.

The Fundraising Promise


Members will promote and support the principles of the Fundraising Promise in the course of their professional activities.