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What We Do

What We Do


The Yunker Group approaches each new project with objectivity and enthusiasm, whether it is our first project for a client organization or our tenth. In every circumstance, we offer fresh ideas and practical solutions uniquely tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether we have completed a similar project for a like organization in the same community or a different cause in a far-off land, our full attention and comprehensive range of experience is focused on addressing the problem at hand through a pragmatic, personalized approach.


Although each organization is different, there are certain management and fundraising needs most share in common. The scope of our services is reflected in the following list; however, we welcome your inquiry about any other need you might have as well.


  • C-Level Executive Search
  • Friendraising and Fundraising Counsel
  • Volunteer Coaching
  • CoffeeCounsel®





Through The Yunker Group’s executive search service, you can be assured that only highly-qualified and vetted professionals will be presented to you. Our service includes a targeted 23-step process from preparing the job description to providing media guidance in announcing the new leader. To capitalize on our fundraising and leadership development expertise, we conduct searches only for Executive Directors / Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Development Officers.



Our seasoned team provides objective and practical advice to nonprofits wanting to refresh, energize, enhance, or expand friendraising and fundraising efforts.




To help your board members perform more effectively, The Yunker Group offers coaching that encourages and builds confidence. It is common for volunteers to feel uncomfortable about asking for gifts; however, with proper coaching, they can learn to approach the fundraising challenge with an optimistic outlook that achieves positive results.



Wondering how to diplomatically and tactfully handle a challenging volunteer or staff situation? Thinking how you might prepare for a special gifts initiative or capital campaign? Stymied about how to strengthen your board leadership team? Need someone from the “outside” to encourage your board to get more involved in friendraising and fundraising? Want to just bounce an idea or two off an objective third-party who doesn’t have an ax to grind? If you answered “YES,” consider CoffeeCounsel® — a no-obligation, no-fee session with a seasoned Yunker Group member to discuss organizational and fundraising issues. The perspective of an objective third-party can be helpful, even if it’s just “over coffee.” Send a message in “Contact Us” to schedule your CoffeeCounsel® session