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Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled

What our client has to say

Need:          Developing a planned giving program

Service:     Planned Giving counsel

After completing a pre-campaign planning process for LADD, Smith Beers Yunker & Company was asked to assist in the development of a planned giving program. Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD) provides housing and support services to persons with developmental disabilities. Vikki Reese, director of development, said she appreciated working with and was particularly impressed with the approach offered by Senior Counselor Linda S. Ault and others in the firm. “They were such a perfect fit for LADD,” she says.


“We needed training on how to implement a planned giving program, and they were able to do that. We needed to know what actually to do when approaching others for support, and they were able to help us. They were able to answer our questions from their own experiences. They made it very painless.”


Smith Beers Yunker also suggested materials for LADD to use. Vikki even appreciated the manner in which they shared the information. Vikki says she was never told she had to use certain materials as they were presented. Instead, she found Linda giving her, for example, a sample letter that “LADD may want to use.”


The consultants made suggestions and recommendations, but always respected the knowledge of the people they were trying to help. Vikki said, “Linda was very sensitive in her approach. I never felt belittled and the consultants approached the board the same way. I never had one board member come back to me and say anything that wasn’t positive about Smith Beers Yunker. They were also able to say things to our board members that our executive director and I couldn’t easily say.”


“It was a very comfortable experience. When Linda completed her work with us, she told me to keep in touch. It’s wonderful to have that kind of relationship. I know that Smith Beers Yunker is there for me should I have questions.”


“I have recommended Smith Beers Yunker to my colleagues.”