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Pro Seniors, Inc.

What our client has to say

Need:          Guide search for successor to retiring 18-year veteran Executive Director

Service:     C-Suite Search


Founded 1975, Cincinnati-based Pro Seniors offers Ohio’s seniors advice, representation and justice  in three areas: legal services, long-term care ombudsman and the Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP). When attorney Rhonda Y. Moore, who had led the organization as its Executive Director for 18 years, announced her intention to retire, Pro Seniors engaged The Yunker Group to help find a highly qualified successor.


Christine Buttress, Search Committee Chair and past Board Chair, commended The Yunker Group for a well-defined, well-organized process that proceeded exactly “…as it was outlined to go.” She added, “It’s clear that The Yunker Group knows its business, particularly as it relates to this type of search. They made it as painless as possible for those of us who served on the committee.”


While Christine emphasized the contributions of The Yunker Group during a process she felt would have been too labor- and time-intensive to manage alone, she also valued the delicate balance Jim Yunker struck with his counsel: He certainly brought his expertise to the table, but it was also clear that it was the committee’s decision to make. I think he was appropriately careful not to say too much that would lead us in one direction or the other. And I think that’s important, because ultimately, it needed to be our decision.”


She added, “If we had tried to do this on our own … one of the things that was absolutely clear to me at the end of this process is that there are some people who look better on paper than they present themselves in person, and there are some people who present themselves better in person than they do on paper. And then there are people who are pretty consistent. And if we had run the process ourselves from the beginning, I think we would’ve run the risk of eliminating some of the wrong people and keeping some of the wrong people. It’s just helpful to have someone who’s as objective as possible involved in the process.”


Board President Joshua Goode said “diligence and attention to detail” were the defining characteristics The Yunker Group team brought to the search. According to Joshua, Everything was thorough, professional, and the process was completed in a very timely manner.”


The successful candidate, Dimity Orlet, was significantly impacted by the process: “I remember thinking at one point that, even if I don’t get the job, it was such a positive experience for me.” She emphasized that Jim was warm and approachable, which put her at ease and allowed her to “put her best foot forward” during the interview process. She also said the search offered her an opportunity for personal reflection and insight: I think about the questions I was sent to answer and how the thoughtfulness of those questions actually helped me arrive at greater clarity and further cement my interest in the position.” She added, “Having watched other searches and having seen similarly situated organizations trying to do this on their own, I could just see that when you have someone with that level of professionalism, skill, and experience involved, it’s an incredible benefit.


Joshua offered that he’s happy to suggest The Yunker Group to others: “I would absolutely encourage others to utilize The Yunker Group. It was an excellent partner – professional and thorough and helped us get great candidates. I’m fully satisfied and happy to recommend Jim and his team to others.”